At Connect 2014 the XPages team showed the new infinite scroll feature for views in mobile apps. See the video from Dario Chimisso and Tony McGuckin to see this feature in action.

Here is Dario's description:

"Infinite Scroll is a new feature included in the extension library  release as part of the OpenNTF project. This XPages DataView feature takes a dojo scrollablePane and extends/enhances it by adding automatic pre-fetching and fixed few issues, to have a solution that works well with multiple dataviews and collapsible categories. The InfiniteScroll feature improves and modernize the user experience when dealing with long list of data. The  data will be appended to the scrolled list in a more natural way than the click and scroll experience present with the "More" button.

When requests are issued to fetch more data, a spinner will inform the user that some activity is going on under the hood, while preventing further interaction until response is received, avoiding multiple requests, this is particularly useful in presence of a slow connection, or network latency. If no more data are available on the server, the client will be notified and it wont issue more requests, this is to avoid issuing useless requests that can have impact on the server performances."

See p. 19ff for more.

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