Last week we started a survey about Collaboration Today. Since then we've received 158 responses.

The feedback we've received is very motivating and shows that many people appreciate this service which is a clear sign for us to continue. 144 people have responded that they use Collaboration Today and some left comments like "great quality service" (see below).

We've also received feedback that people want to see more technical content (110 people) and some people suggested new features like newsletters, more visibility for curators, search functionality, etc.

We'll reach out to all people who've expressed interest to help with Collaboration Today to define how to proceed.

See below for more details and thanks to everyone who participated !

1) How many times do you visit (158 responses)
Never: 9%
Daily: 38%
Weekly: 40%
Monthly: 13%
2) Which Collaboration Today services do you use? (158 responses)
None: 9%
Website: 83%
Tweets: 24%
Feeds: 17%
3) What would increase the value of Collaboration Today? (128 responses)
Broader industry content: 27%
More technical content: 86%
Curator commentary on links: 13%
Other comments:
- Store article content for easier searching
- daily and weekly newsletter
- A section that featured all uncurated content.
- More customer experience
4) How do you primarily access (151 responses)
Desktop: 83%
Tablet: 17%
Smartphone: 13%
5) Any other ideas / feedback?
- Please don't turn off this wonderful site. Sad to see this survey.
- I think this service is one of the best thank you for all the hard work.
- Collab today is a great Thing and my favorite Information Center! Keep on the good work :)
- I love it!
- Great Quality service - extremely helpful when trying to keep up with what's going on.
- It's one place where to find technical background information from many experts around the world.
- Love the site, keep up the good work
- I think it should contain technical information only. Don't need categories.
- Make the editors to be more seen on the site. I like the idea with Curator comments. Then it evolves from just being an aggregator
- Like/dislike on Recent List maybe.
- Need more material to promote collaboration business value.
6) Do you want to help?
11 people offered help

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