Philippe Riand posted a new release of Bootstrap4XPages with an experimental 3.0.0 theme.

"This release features several enhancements:

- Bug fixed in the outline menu renderer (thanks to Colin McDonald for reporting the issue). It also no longer relies on the blank gif image from oneui, but uses its own copy.
- New 2.3.2 theme, as this is the latest 2.x release of Bootstrap. 2.3.1 is still provided, but will be removed soon, so use 2.3.2 instead.
- Experimental 3.0.0 theme. The files are checked in, a new theme with custom renderers is provided, but it is not yet rendering all the components properly. Many styles changed in this release of Bootstrap, and I haven't got time to make it fully work. I'm providing it, hoping to get some help :-)


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