Manish Kataria and Nagendra Shukla have contributed some social portlets samples. Below is their description and a screenshot. These samples are described in detail in a white paper.

"Developing social applications on Portal specially using  IBM WEF ( or other platforms like PTK ) requires developers to have two primary skills, those being, web development ( Portal ) and social (Application Programming Interface, REST, XML, JSON, Networking, parsing of responses etc. ). A pre-requisite of developing such a software would be to educate the developer in both these domains extensively. In addition to this, developer would also need to invest time in familiarizing and learning API's of the specific target social software like IBM Connections, Domino, Sametime, Smartcloud etc. Clearly developing skills in all the disparate technologies and developing a glitch free code is a challenge for a new developer. Even for experienced developers it means they end up investing more time on code related to broader infrastructure of software ( like service layer, network layer, parsers etc. ) than on the core business application.
Most of the social platforms like IBM  Connections are built on top of open standards. Given this  do we have established standards , development patterns , tooling support for leveraging and consuming these social platforms in business applications ?
This application will demonstrate how Social SDK not only expedites the development of such social software based applications but also minimizes the skills a developer must acquire to start developing such applications.  It also demonstrates how a re-distributable WEF builder could be developed which uses Social SDK and connects to Connections File service. Further it also demonstrates how this WEF Builder could be used in WEF based applications/portlets for interacting with Files service of IBM Connections."


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