I've developed a sample scenario that shows how to leverage the great capabilities available in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and it shows how to extend this functionality via (XPages) apps to implement specific business requirements.

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business provides a big set of out of the box functionality. For example you can easily invite guests to your organization without having to add these people to on premises directories first. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business also provides a lot of social functionality like file sharing, forums and more. Furthermore with the latest release you can access files from you mobile devices even when you are offline.

In order to implement specific business requirements that the SmartCloud might not provide out of the box, apps can be developed that use the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK. The partner community scenario demonstrates how you can add workflow functionality and how you can have internal discussions via your own apps.

Zeta Insurance is a fictive health insurance company which works with partners, the insurance brokers, to sell their products. The communication with partners is done via a SmartCloud community to which partners can easily be added as guests. Product brochures are stored in the community as files and brokers can ask questions about products via forums.

The insurance brokers use the SmartCloud community user experience. The Zeta Insurance support team does NOT use the SmartCloud user interface. Instead the support specialists use an internal support app. This allows them assign questions to certain support specialists so that multiple people don't waste time working on the same questions in parallel. Furthermore the support specialists can have internal discussions before they post answers to questions from partners.

Update 10/24: Slides and screenshots

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