There is a new release of the XPages extension library. Paul Hannan describes the release below.

"This release is the third to OpenNTF of the IBM Notes Domino 9.0 versions of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib). The primary change in this release is the removal of the XPages Social Enabler, which was a feature in the Extended Components (extlibx) of the ExtLib, and its inclusion in the IBM Social SDK.

And this release includes new features and enhancements to the REST services area. These include enhancements to the calendar service; a new Dojo sample application that demonstrates how to use the calendar service; enhancements to the mail service; and a new freebusy service.

This release also includes a large number of bug fixes, mostly for the better support of software accessibility.

For more details on this release a readme.pdf has been updated. If you have any questions, queries or points for clarification please don't hesitate in using this project's forums. In the meantime enjoy this release."

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