A new release of the Social Business Toolkit SDK is available for download.

The focus for this release was on delivering some new Service API’s and UI controls that were requested by the community. The team also focused on stabilizing our Continuous Delivery infrastructure which will enable us to release more regular stable builds of the SDK.

What’s new in the Social Business Toolkit SDK:

1) Forum Service: Programmatically create, update, read and delete Forum’s, Forum Topic’s and Forum Replies. (Java, JavaScript, On-Premise, API)
2) Search Service: Perform searches across the installed Connections applications. (JavaScript, On-Premise, API)
3) Profile Tag Grid: Display list of tags associated with a person’s profile. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
4) Profile Panel: Display information from a users profile. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Smart Cloud, Control)
5) Forum Grid: Display a list of Forum’s and navigate to Forum Topics and Forum Replies. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
6) Sample Framework Enhancements: Filtering of samples based selected JavaScript Library and Environment and an in-place editor for sample parameters. (JavaScript, Javal)
7) Grid Enhancements: Pass query string parameters to all Grid controls which allows Grid contents to be filtered. (JavaScript, On-Premise, Control)
8) Update Profile Photo: Samples demonstrating how to programmatically update a Profile photo. (JavaScript, Java, On-Premise, Smart Cloud, API)
9) Updates to Playground: Updated JavaScript and Java samples, new XPages samples, new API explorer with Domino API exposed and more

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