The 5th OpenNTF XPages Development Contest kicked off back in January 2013 and today I am happy to announce the winners. So without any further ado here they are:

1. OpenNTF Domino API (88 points)
By Nathan T Freeman, Jesse Gallagher, Tim Tripcony, Paul Withers, Declan Lynch and Rene Winklemeyer
Learn more: download release, get latest source code, watch video, read documentation, attend webinar

2. Mindoo FTP Server (76 points)
By Karsten Lehmann
Learn more: download release, watch video, look at screenshots, read documentation

3. XPages OpenLog Logger (69 points)
By Paul S Withers and Nathan T Freeman
Learn more: download release, watch video, look at screenshots, read documentation

4. DomDisc for Android (65 points)
By Jens Bruntt
Learn more: download release, watch video, install from Google play, look at screenshots, read documentation

5. Bootstrap UI Template Kit (59 points)
By Oliver Busse
Learn more: download release, watch video, look at screenshots, try live demo

The prizes are $1,000 (US) to each of the winning contest entries.

Here are some statistics from the contest that I wanted to share with you:

There were 20 contest submissions. There were 20 Contributors of which 5 were first time OpenNTF Contributors.

Here’s a list of the new Contributors who I personally want to thank for their participation in OpenNTF:

Wil How, Oliver Busse, Toby Samples, Michael Ruhnau and Karna Sheth.

Also a big thank you to all of the existing OpenNTF Contributors who participated in the contest:

Ferry Kranenburg, Fredrik Norling, Naveen Maurya, Jens Bruntt, Paul Withers, Jesse Gallagher, Kateryna Czerniachowska, Grzegorz Pawlak, Nathan T Freeman, Tim Tripcony, Declan Lynch, Rene Winklemeyer, Andrew Luder, Koell S Cherizard and Karsten Lehmann.

You can see screenshots and watch videos of all the contest entries on  

A huge thank you to the OpenNTF Board of Directors for taking the time to carefully review and score each of the entries. You can see the judging criteria on the contest announcement page.

As Chairman of OpenNTF I would like to thank all of the people who participated in the contest and to WebGate and IBM developerWorks for their sponsorship. The community is the ultimate winner here as they now have 20 new assets that can be used to develop and deliver apps.

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