Dan Dumont and Chuck Dumont have contributed a new project, called JavaScript Aggregator. You can find the source code also on GitHub and the documentation in the Wiki. Below is a short description from Dan and Chuck.

"The JavaScript Aggregator is an OSGi servlet that provides aggregation and code minification services to AMDs loaders that supports the loader extension API. Features include:
- JavaScript minification using the Google Closure compiler
- Code trimming using has.js feature detection
- Require list expansion to reduce the cascade of requests resulting from dependency discovery as modules are loaded on the client
- CSS Optimizations
- i18n resource consolidation
- Caching of previously built/minified output for quicker response on subsequent requests

The Aggregator supports the Eclipse plugin extension architecture to allow the addition of support for:
- New types of resource repository locations on the server
- New types of module builders/minifiers
- New AMD loaders"

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