Several people have asked for some ideas what they could build for the Appathon. Below is a list of potential contributions.

Connections Contest:

- Extensions to the Connections search box to search in external sources (e.g. NSFs)
- Community extensions providing moderators the functionality to define lists of documents (custom fields, custom views) on the fly (e.g. task lists)
- Community extensions which integrate files stored in external sources (e.g. NSFs)
- Profile extensions to display publically available information about users in the profiles' tabs (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google searches, etc.)
- Community and home page extensions that integrate custom calendars stored in NSFs
- Add new tabs/pages to home pages and links to custom intranet apps integrated in Connections navigators
- Track and visualize user behavior via event SPIs
- Browser extensions to add easily web pages to Connections
- Reusable code (e.g. XPages, HTML, JSP) to display members of certain communities
- Reusable code (e.g. XPages, HTML, JSP) to access certain files (e.g. in certain communities, certain folders, search criteria)
- Custom workflow apps leveraging the activity stream and embedded experience for approvals
- Custom apps which leverage ideation blog for new ideas and display results in custom apps
- Widget to connect to Alfresco
- Ability to subscribe to Atom/RSS feed and have that show up in activity stream with embedded expreience
- Ability to see my @-mentions/dm's from Twitter in Connections and respond via embedded experience
- Better feeds widget for communities
- Social graph visualizer
- Community widget for Wikipedia search
- Community quote widget
- Get to know widget: Community person of the day - displays a person summary and the user's stream for random people in the community
- Create a presentation from a wiki (community widget looks for pages tagged "Presentation" and compiles all children into a PPT/ODP)
- iCalendar Feed: For anything that has a date/time provide similar to the ActivityStream an iCal feed, so you could surface it in your calendar too
- Timeglider: See the activity stream using a timeglider UI

XPages Contest:

- Aggregation of entries from various social networks of specific users
- Generic replicator between Domino NSFs and mobile devices
- Notification system if certain Notes documents have changed
- Personal document library federating docs from Dropbox, Drive, Connections, LotusLive etc.
- Personal bookmarks federating from Twitter, Connections, etc.
- Gamification system for XPages apps
- Simple project/team task management app with mobile interface
- XPages extension library for responsive design
- Analysis tool to track how many certain web pages have been visited

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