There are several tools on OpenNTF to access data in NSFs from external applications. Below is a short overview.

The XPages Extension Library comes with four different ways to build your own REST services. See the first two pages of the documentation for a description of these alternatives and their pros and cons:
- The Domino data service
- The XPages REST services control
- Custom database service
- Custom Wink service

The Servlet Sample project contains a simple sample of a servlet that can be deployed as an OSGi bundle and that can return whatever you want.

Similarly you can use 'XAgents' within a NSF which are XPages without visual renderings.

The XPages Extension Library also contains functionality to do remote procedure calls. Watch the video from John Jardin.

The new project WebDAV for IBM Domino adds support for the WebDAV protocol to Domino. That allows for example to edit attachments in Microsoft Word and then save them directly back to the NSFs. It also allows using mobile apps to synch files from NSFs to mobile devices.

The project JDBC access for IBM Domino allows accessing data from NSFs via JDBC. This allows for example external applications like Eclipse Birt to read NSF data to build reports.

With the project Feed generator XPage agent custom specific feeds can be generated.

The XPages social enabler in the XPages Extension Library contains functionality to publish tweets to Twitter.

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