There is a new bug fix release of the XPages Extension Library. Paul Hannan described the changes:

"This is another bug fix release of the XPages Extension Library that contains a number of fixes since the last release in December 2012. These fixes are mentioned as one-liners in the readme.pdf of the attached zip.

Another release is planned in the coming month. Until then enjoy this release.

Source Change Log since December 2012 (20121217)
- Back button UI issue fixed on Android Phone 2.3
- Mobile toolbar button transistion is doing the opposite when set to either ltr or rtl
- Fix race condition during init
- update product logo visibility
- Make DataView Links Bookmarkable in Notes
- Fix IE Caching Problem When Refreshing Calendar Data
- Add Kazakh Resources For Calendar Etc
- Expand getCommonName To Handle LDAP Server
- Add IsXPages900 API
- Fix Connection leak in relational datasources resolved.
- XPages Extlib, translated strings not shown
- Fix Mobile Redirect not working properly on iPad
- Using oneUI forces the app to have a dependancy on the Extlib - OneUIA11Y.js"

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