OpenNTF is happy to announce and launch the Appathon sponsored by TIMETOACT GROUP, WebGate Consulting AG and IBM developerWorks. Contribute your open source project between now and June 23th and have a chance to win one of ten $1000 prizes.

With the Appathon contest OpenNTF and the sponsors want to further increase the number of IBM Connections and XPages open source projects to help with the adoption of IBM Connections and XPages.

John Head, chair of the OpenNTF marketing working group, said:

" is pleased to be sponsoring our fifth and sixth contest in the past two years. We believe one of the best ways to promote community activity on the site is with active engagement, and these contests are just one of the ways we engage. The exposure for the developers, not including the prizes, highlights the high demand and interest in open source solutions built around IBM Social Business and Collaboration technologies. As our number one priority is outreach, we are excited about the possibilities of what Appathon will bring. Good luck to all the developers!"

IBM developerWorks sponsors the Appathon.

Tristan Reckhaus, ISV & Developer Relation Marketing Manager, IBM, said:

"We are looking for developers who want to build a SmarterPlanet. Developer contests such as the 'Appathon - social app dev contests' by OpenNTF challenge developers to go beyond the limits and therefore drive innovations that will make the planet smarter."

The Appathon contains two social app dev contests:

IBM Connections App Dev Contest

This contest is sponsored by TIMETOACT GROUP.

Felix Binsack, Founder and General Manager of TIMETOACT GROUP, said:

"IBM Connections combines many social services into one great platform, where employees collaborate daily with their peers. Its support of OAuth, activity streams, gadgets, widgets and REST make it an excellent platform to integrate any kind of custom and legacy applications.

With the help from you, the developers, IBM Connections will serve information and processes from various systems to the employees right in the context of their daily work(place) and thus make IBM Connections easily the most popular platform in the Intranet. The APIs to build great apps are all available, limitations exist only within your imagination, let's go for it, let's rock IBM Connections!

TIMETOACT is a very proud to sponsor the IBM Connections App Dev Contest and we are proud to be part of such a lively community."

See for details.

XPages App Dev Contest

This contest is sponsored by WebGate Consulting AG.

Roman Weber, CEO of WebGate, said:

"Education is one of our core corporate values. WebGate Consulting AG is proud to sponsor the XPages App Dev Contest 2013, which brings together extraordinary talent and supports innovation in the community. Additionally OpenNTF is a great platform to recognize technology leadership and we are excited to be a part of it."

See for details.


June 23th 2013: Deadline for submissions
One or two weeks later: Announcement of winners


OpenNTF would appreciate if you could help us to promote this contest.

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IBM Connections App Dev Contest - wide
IBM Connections App Dev Contest - small
XPages Contest - wide
XPages Contest - small
Two Contests - animated

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