There are a lot of OpenNTF projects containing apps, tools and controls to build mobile apps using XPages. Below is an overview.

Since IBM Domino 8.5.3 UP1 the mobile controls from the XPages Extension Library are part of the product. However you can still find the latest version of these controls in the OpenNTF project (video).

The XPages Mobile Controls project has been replaced by the controls from the extension library. However it still contains some functionality that the extension library doesn't support yet, e.g. samples how to do offline (video).

ITANA Tasks (Mark Hughes): Mobile app to access Lotus Notes to dos including offline (video).

mAddressBook (Mark Hughes): This mobile app pulls down information from your corporate directory or any address book and saves the information for offline use (video).

Mobile contacts and reminders (David Marko): This app is designed to maintain an access to contacts, reminders, email and calendar. Contacts and reminders can be optionally used in off-line mode with limited capabilities (video).

Agent Trigger (Ferhat Bulut): Trigger Domino agents from your mobile device (video).

XPages Help Application (Paul Withers): Mobile interface of a help application (video).

DominoDefrag (Andrew Luder): Mobile app to access the DominoDefrag application (video).

Mobile Value Picker (Paul Withers): Control with properties to allow the picker to work client-side and server-side (video).

Mobile Telephone Directory (Takuya Sugiyama): How to use Dojo Mobile directly in XPages

hedersoft xmNavigator (Lars Buntrock): The mobile navigator displays links to enterprise apps including personal favorites (video).

Unplugged XPages Mobile Controls (Teamstudio): Unplugged is software that makes it easy to create mobile business apps that are always available to users, even if the device is offline. Note that you need to use additional infrastructure from Teamstudio (video).

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