There are several debug tools available on OpenNTF for XPages developers. Below is a summary.

XPage Debug Toolbar (Mark Leusink): See debug messages from server side code in web browsers (and more)

XPages Log File Reader (Jakob Majkilde): Read server side log files in web browsers

XPages API Inspector (Tommy Valand): Get the server side DOM representations of client side objects

OpenLog (Julian Robichaux) in combination with TaskJam (Bruce Elgort): Logging to a central database (more)

xLog - logger framework (Olle Thalen): Logging framework based on the Apache Commons Log interface or other log appenders

XPages Toolbox (Philippe Riand): Full fledged CPU profiler and memory profiler (and more)

xProperties Custom Control (Serdar Basegmez): Notes document property box in web browsers

You can also debug Java code in NSFs without additional OpenNTF projects (video).

In order to debug XPages extension libraries (OSGi) the XPages Debug Plugin can be used (video).

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