OpenNTF has launched a Japanse Version of Collaboration Today. Atsushi Sato, Atsushi Ono, Hiroaki Komine and Tatsuya Sobue are the moderators of this new site. There is also an new Twitter account.

As you know the Collaboration Today application is open source. If you want to host a local version, please contact us. As, and the site is hosted by Prominic again.

The description below is from Sato:

A Japanese version Collaboration Today named "Collaboration Today Japan" started in  December 7th. This site aggregates IBM Collaboration Solutions related contents written in Japanese from IBM Japan web site, Japanese Business Partners' web site and personal blogs. Information aggregation web site is much-anticipated service for IBM Collaboration Solution people in Japan, a lot of IBMers and Business Partners are indicating contents contribution to the Collaboration Today Japan. I hope Collaboration Today Japan to be a de-fact portal site for all ICS people in Japan. Please access to Collaboration Today Japan now!

I appreciate very much the support from Nikas, Bruce, Per and Prominic to start Collaboration Today Japan.

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