The fourth OpenNTF development contest sponsored by hedersoft is still going on. Contribute your open source project between now and December 2nd and have a chance to win one of five $1000 prizes.

So far we've received nine entries that we have listed on with screenshots and videos. All of these entries belong to the first category of the contest where we ask developers to contribute any projects related to XPages.

In the second category we ask people to provide open source projects that leverage both XPages and IBM Connections. In this category we have not received any submissions yet. So at this point there is a good chance to win $1000.

Building projects for the second category doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming. Since this is the first contest related to XPages and IBM Connections, contributions don't have to be that sophisticated. In the easiest case widgets could be built, for example, that simply display data from Notes databases.

In order to avoid setting up the complete infrastructure we provide an image with Connections and XPages pre-installed. The image comes also with a generic XPages iWidget so that XPages can be added to communities by moderators without having to deploy new widgets via command line tools. In summary with this image and the generic widget XPages can be added to Connections purely by using Domino Designer and the Connections user web interface. As an example this 'news' widget uses the image and the generic widget.

If you want to use the image, please contact

Below is a list of potential contributions.

Extensions to Connections:
- Extension to the Connections search box to search in NSFs
- iWidget(s) which integrate files stored in existing NSFs in Connections communities
- iWidget(s) with the ability to create help requests/tickets in NSFs
- Generic iWidget(s) providing moderators the functionality to define lists of documents (custom fields, custom views) on the fly (like in the Bazaar)
- Generic iWidget(s) that create Notes documents in certain databases (form and field names defined my moderator)
- iWidget(s) to display publically available information about users in the profiles' tabs (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google searches, etc.)
- iWidget(s) to display Notes documents of specific users from existing Notes applications
- iWidget(s) that integrate Notes/Domino out of the box functionality, e.g. free time lookups
- iWidget(s) that integrate custom calendars stored in Notes databases
- Links to custom (XPages) intranet apps integrated in Connections (e.g. in Connections apps navigator or as new tab)

Custom XPages apps leveraging Connections:
- Control to display members of certain communities
- Extended control to display files from certain communities (e.g. only folders, certain communities, certain search criteria)
- Ability to create activities directly from custom apps and show updates in XPages apps
- Use Notes documents as starting point for discussions in Connections forums and link between them
- Custom app which leverages Ideation Blog for new ideas and displays results in custom app

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