The WebGate team has released a new version of myWebGate Social Software. Below is a list of new functionality. You can find more details in the documentation and on the WebGate web site (German). Below is their description.

Profile Editor:
- Profile Photo: Profile photo uploader now supports webcam as input using WebRTC API (no plugins/ no flash). Currently only supported by Chrome 21++. Other browsers will follow as soon as they support the new API.
- Profile Photo: Community administrators can now upload photos in the profile of other users.
- User Profile: Link to the users wall has been added. You can also post on the wall of other users.

Administration Section
- Community Admin Page: A new section "Directory Synchronisation > Custom fields" has been added to allow custom fields in user profiles.

- Groups: You can now create group pages.
- A group and its wall entries can be public, closed or secret (hidden).
- Group-Admins can add new members to closed or secret groups.
- Public groups can be joined by everyone.

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