Collaboration Today provides a REST API and a widget that is uses the REST API. Check out this simple sample for a custom web page accessing the REST API (open page source and use Firebug or similar tool). The API can be used server side to return JSON data and also client side returning JSONP to support cross domains.

I've just changed the news section on The page now displays the XPages news from Collaboration Today instead of the database. The look and feel is identical to the previous version. Since everything runs on the same Domino server I could have simply read the data via view data source but I used the REST API to show that this can be done for any web sites.

New and old look and feel on

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Data read from Collaboration Today:

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Ulrich Eknori also uses the REST API to display Collaboration Today news on his web site.

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Frank van der Linden uses the API on the e-office blog.

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