We've received the first entries for the fourth OpenNTF development contest. Our goal is to produce videos and screenshots of them soon again and place them on XPages.info/contest.

For the Connections category we offer a shared image for contest developers. If you want to access it, please contact me (niklas_heidloff at de dot ibm dot com). For the developers who are using it already I've given webinars describing the image and how to get started. Obviously I offer this for other contest developers as well.

I've been asked by some people what scenarios could be developed for the Connections category. In addition to my sample scenario I blogged about earlier, here are some more ideas.

Extensions to Connections:
- Extension to the Connections search box to search in NSFs
- iWidget(s) which integrate files stored in existing NSFs in Connections communities
- iWidget(s) with the ability to create help requests/tickets in NSFs
- Generic iWidget(s) providing moderators the functionality to define lists of documents (custom fields, custom views) on the fly (like XBean Table)
- Generic iWidget(s) that create Notes documents in certain databases (form and field names defined my moderator)
- iWidget(s) to display publically available information about users in the profiles' tabs (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google searches, etc.)
- iWidget(s) to display Notes documents of specific users from existing Notes applications
- iWidget(s) that integrate Notes/Domino out of the box functionality, e.g. free time lookups
- iWidget(s) that integrate custom calendars stored in Notes databases
- Links to custom (XPages) intranet apps integrated in Connections (e.g. in Connections apps navigator or as new tab)

Custom XPages apps leveraging Connections:
- Control to display members of certain communities
- Extended control to display files from certain communities (e.g. only folders, certain communities, certain search criteria)
- Ability to create activities directly from custom apps and show updates in XPages apps
- Use Notes documents as starting point for discussions in Connections forums and link between them
- Custom app which leverages Ideation Blog for new ideas and displays results in custom app

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