As part of the XPages Development Contest sponsored by IBM business partner We4IT, Jakob Majkilde has contributed the application XPages Log File Reader.

Here is Jakob's description:

"When developing XPages you need access to the log files on order to debug your application. Typically you don't have access to these file when running on a server - until now! The XPages Log File Reader retrieves all the log from the server and displays them in a webpage.

Currently these files are supported: 
- Log.nsf
- All the files in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT folder, e.g. the console.log and xpages.log
- Error and Trace logs in the domino\workspace\logs folder
- Startup.log
Additional you will have access to read all the relevant server settings in these files:
- notes.ini
- java.policy

Watch the mini video to see the app in action.

A picture named M2

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