The DominoDefrag v3.4  package provides a new  Notes INI setting  called "DominoDefrag_CreateClusterReplicaStub". This setting directly creates replica stubs on cluster mates (not using AdminP), does not overwrite existing cluster mate replicas and uses cluster directory database to determine whether to create. This occurs prior to each database compact and defrag operation (the process is explained in the release notes). The stand-alone version from NotesTools Pty Ltd is called DominoClusterMate and is available for direct purchase. Other features/fixes are:
- The "DominoDefrag_OnlyOOO" Notes INI setting. It creates replica stubs and defrags for only databases with Out-Of-Office turned on for R851+ Domino servers.
- Incorporates new R853 Notes INI FTBasePath parameter so can defrag full-text indexes located on different drive.
- For supportability reasons, DominoDefrag is only compiled to work on Windows 2003 and above servers. Use v3.3 for NT4 and Windows 2000.
- The DominoDefrag Administrator XPages database now works properly on the Extension Library. It also has new two pages called "DefragLogChartGenerator" and "DefragLogChartResults" which use the OpenNTF Java charts project components. This gives the ability to generate a server defrag log chart and then save it as a PDF using a selected Domino server’s various total database and average fragment data series. Thanks Naveen Maurya!
- Other bug fixes (see release notes) and general clean-up of source code.
- And of course good old "tell DominoDefrag q" is a lot more responsive now.
All DominoDefrag v3.4 Package Help and Release Documentation is available here.
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