Just in time for Lotusphere the new teamroom template was put on OpenNTF. In addition to providing a full application the template also contains a lot of great sample code, reusable controls and patterns.

For example the template shows how to have an application specific team calendar. There are different views by day, by week, etc. and the entries can be displayed as shown in the screenshot or in a compressed list.

A picture named M2

Calendar entries can have different types and the usual attributes like subject, attendees, descriptions, etc.

A picture named M3

Technically the template shows how to use various controls from the Extension Library like the calendarView control. This control gets the data from a calendar JSON service. Access rights (e.g. edit meeting) are checked using the userBean. The template also shows how to do partial refreshs programmatically using XSP.partialRefreshGet and how to use other functions in XSP like XSP.confirm. The layout is done via the controls formTable and formRow.

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