Declan Sciolla-Lynch has released a major update to his fileSendr project giving the administrator of the system the option to integrate into the Amazon S3 cloud for storage of files.

Declan describes in his blog the new functionality. Here is a summary:

<< fileSendr is a 'large file transfer' solution for companies that need to send files to customers which are too big for normal email transfer. fileSendr works by allowing the sender to upload the file(s) into a central storage location ( either local storage in the NSF or Amazon S3 Storage ) and then sends a link to the recipient so that they can download the file(s). The link is valid for a set number of days configured by the administrator and once the download expires the files are removed from the storage location.

Apart from the Amazon S3 support fileSendr and uses the ExtLib project making it a great example of some of the newer ExtLib features like the JSON RPC Services Control and the Form layout controls. >>

Users can upload new files ...

A picture named M2

... which can then be accessed via an access code:

A picture named M3

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