Sami Salkosuo has contributed a new project to OpenNTF - Command Line EMail Client (direct download).

The Command Line EMail Client is a program for reading and sending mail from the command line. The purpose of the command line email client is to give users, esp. technical people, a quick and easy way to check email without the overhead of the full client running. More importantly, the command line client can be used in scripts.

The client uses Domino Java API to access users' mail databases. The Domino Java API is JNI-based thin layer of code that uses underlying native Notes DLLs to access Domino functions. This is why Lotus Notes must be installed locally before Lotus Notes Command Line Email Client can be used.

The Command Line Email Client includes commands to read and send email via Lotus Notes. There are also several commands to list mail in mail database, for example to read today’s mail or search mail or list all or subset of emails in the mail database.

Here is a sample command:

A picture named M2

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