As mentioned in a previous blog entry we want to push the concept of reusable controls. A resuable control is a list of arbitrary design elements that are compilable, it contains simple unit tests and can easily be used in custom apps.

Yi Guo who has done all Eclipse programming and Stephan Wissel have provided a new tool that allows importing controls from the OpenNTF catalog directly into your Domino app via Domino Designer. The tool has been implemented similar to other Eclipse based import features. A wizard allows selecting a control from the catalog via the embedded browser displaying a lightweight catalog user interface that I've provided.

This video describes the functionality:

This is only the first version of this tool. The main thing we'd like to improve is to make this capability more visible in the Domino Designer user interface (e.g. toolbar icon). We have some more ideas but your feedback is welcome.

You can install the tool from the catalog via drag and drop.

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