Last week I blogged about an add on for discussion applications that helps Notes users to easier copy Notes documents into discussions. Today I published the code as release of the discussion next generation project. You can install the feature via drag and drop from the catalog.

The tool is useful for example if you want to share a specific mail with your team either just for their interest or to gather feedback before responding. Rather than copying and pasting this information you can now simply click an icon.

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The target discussion applications are defined via user preferences.

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When my colleague Steve Castledine saw this he suggested that this tool could be extended into a generic client side archive tool. For example when I get mails with credentials for web sites I always collect them in my own personal database so that they won't be deleted automatically by the quota agent. I also collect important documents from other teamrooms, databases etc. in my own document library that are important for me personally, e.g. career path information.

Would anyone be interested in extending this tool and making it generic?

The Eclipse feature in the release contains a plugin "" which has been implemented by Brian Leonard (IBM). It is used to read the Notes URL of the currently selected document. Brian would like to post this plugin in a separate project together with other rich client extension samples later.

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