In July, the XPages team delivered an XPages runtime for IBM Bluemix along with an associated XPages NoSQL playground service that enabled you to experiment with building modern Domino applications in the cloud. That was swiftly followed with a webcast that highlighted the features and functions of both the runtime and the service, as well as a general tour of Bluemix itself.

That webcast also spoke of things to come… namely an enhanced security model that would allow you to exercise fine-grained control over any Java code contained in your application (see webcast slide below).  So today that feature has arrived – an updated runtime is already live on Bluemix and the design-time part of the app dev equation is available here in the latest XPages Extension Library release for Notes/Domino 9.0.1. The readme document contained in this release gives full details of the updated security options and how to configure them using Domino Designer.

A picture named M2

In fact Domino Designer has a whole new section in the Bluemix Manifest Editor for working with all the XPages environment variables associated with Bluemix - check it out.

This release is also notable for its community contributions (kudos to Jesse Gallagher, Serdar Basegmez and Paul Withers), which means you will find some improvements with the XPages picker controls and with general utility APIs. As usual there are fixes for defects in both the XPages runtime and in Domino REST services (DAS).  Please download and install this release and as always your feedback is greatly appreciated to help us continuously improve the product.

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