Starting with V12.0.2 Domino has introduced a new feature. The possibility of connecting to an ICAP server to perform anti-virus scanning of mail messages.
Roberto, OpenNTF Board Member and HCL Ambassador, and Marianna will explain how to configure your Domino server to implement this new functionality.

Since HCL acquired the Domino Administrator client, numerous enhancements have been introduced. Keeping up with these changes is essential for optimal server management. New features have been integrated into Domino, but not all are easily monitored. Have you adjusted your Administration client or DDM messages to align with these improvements? Keith, OpenNTF Board Member and HCL Ambassador, demonstrates how he has expanded client functionality to offer enhanced insights into Domino server operations for himself and his clients.

This webinar will take place on June 20th from 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM.

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OpenNTF Annual General Meeting

This month will contain OpenNTF's Annual General Meeting. You will hear updates on our activities over the past 12 months from our Chairman, and our various working committees.  There will also be time for open discussion where you can bring your questions and ideas around open source initiatives in the HCL Digital Solutions community.

The AGM will take place on June 27, 2024 at 11:00AM (New York Time) to 12:00PM.

The AGM doesn't require registration. At the time of the event, visit

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