In the days of micro-services, Identity Management, Identity Brokering and Single-Sign-On Capabilities are getting more and more important. HCL has put some serious investment into modernizing the various Domino authentication capabilities but still a lot of services require external system integration to be a nice citizen in a service orchestra. In this session, Heiko want to demonstrate the use cases and technical ways to integrate one major Open Source Identity Management system with HCL Domino - Keycloak. Heiko have been working with Keycloak for years now (not only for Domino) and for those not willing or able to use to Microsoft and Google for their Identity Management solutions, Keycloak is a versatile, scalable and reliable tool that fits like a glove with Domino and other pieces of the HCL Digital Solutions product line. Learn what's possible and how it can be done.

Our speaker will be Heiko Voigt from Harbour Light Software Development Ltd.

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