After a long, long, really very long time no updates to LotusScript there are now new classes and extensions of existing classes for the first time starting with HCL Notes/Domino 10. Then more features were added in versions 11.x, 12.0 and most recently 12.0.1. Some of the new classes are HTTPRequest, JsonNavigator, and DQL. Plus, with the release of HCL Nomad, LotusScript was also extended with classes that allow the developer to use the GPS capabilities of the mobile device. Another new class is NotesQueryResultsProcessor which can consolidate data from different (Notes) data sources and make it available to other applications in JSON format or display the data is special views to the user.  

In this webinar Ulrich Krause will introduce these new classes, methods and properties. Ulrich is an administrator and developer, and has been working with Lotus Notes/Domino since 1993.  He is employed by  midpoints GmbH.  Ulrich is widely known in the industry as a moderator in the forum and as a speaker at national and international conferences. He has been an IBM Champion from the very beginning and is currently an HCL Ambassador.

This webinar will take place on April 21, 2022 at 11:00AM (New York Time) to 12:30PM.

To register for this webinar, go to:

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