Attendees: Bruce, Elijah, Niklas, John, Corey, Ed, Per, Pete, Julian.

OpenNTF Meeting Minutes 01/05/2012

1. Approval of meeting minutes from 12/15/2011

2. Financial Update - see statement below

$200.00 for OpenNTF stickers invoice from Bruce. $230.00 for shipping costs for OpenNTF contest winner. Motion to approve. Approved.

3. New application for OpenNTF Alliance Membership
Dalsgaard Data A/S - Talked about coming up with a communications strategy with alliance membership. Approved Dalsgaard Data A/S as new member.

4. Anti-trust policy vote - Amendment for approved language.

5. New Connections Site Update - - Great new resource for the Connections Community. Need more content. UI needs finishing. Need a domain name. Want to purchase domain for OpenNTF. Want to show it to the Connections Team. Motion to allocate money for purchasing a domain name for the new OpenNTF Connections site. Motion approved.

6. Lotusphere - Session on Wednesday 3-4. Annual General Meeting 5:45pm-6:45pm Wednesday. BOF style could be used. Pedestal t-shirts for volunteers.

7. IP Manager Update - No good news for funding Petter Tanner position (IP Manager) at OpenNTF. Two funding proposals rejected. IBM continuing to pursue internal resources for use with OpenNTF Community. Notified by Pete Janzen of IBM OpenNTF funding not coming through. OpenNTF in dire straights based on lack of funding for OpenNTF. OpenNTF needs a commitment from IBM that they will support OpenNTF with basic resources. How can we get this message out to the community?

8. Marketing update - Ad Sales for after LotusSphere? TLCC ends in April. Crossware banner ended December 20th 2011. Booth promoting Ad space. Should be more Ad space on the new Connections site.

9. Annual General Meeting - Bruce will send out an agenda.

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