John Head, Corey Davis, Peter Tanner, Per Henrik Lausten, Elijah Lapson, Sean Burgess, Julian Woodward, Pete Janzen, Justin Hill, Stuart McIntyr

1. Approval of meeting minutes from 10/20/2011
Approved. Post to OpenNTF

2. Announcements:

[1] New OpenNTF Member! (Via Bruce)

Business Partner Application from  John Jardin from Ukavuma Solutions. Motion to accept as a member to accept as a partner.
Motion Approved.

[2] Official Launch of XSnippets on OpenNTF - Niklas, Frank, Bruce, Serdar Basegmez
- Will anything in here have to be cleared?
- Does anyone need to approve before we go live?

Beta launch of the XSnippets portion of the OpenNTF website. Same modal of approval for clearance of code used. Do we need the same level of IP clearance? IP manager will monitor. Terms of Use of the site should cover code under the Apache licence.  John H - mentioned marketing that the code has been cleared as opposed to code distributed via a blog or elsewhere. Want to have the process for submitting code very simple.

[3] LotusSphere Booth Update - Bruce

Received Approval from IBM have not received signs logos yet. First week in December looking for volunteers for staffing the booth. Time consuming. Thinking about some marketing around identifying OpenNTF Board members.

3. IP Manager Status Update
Peter Tanner - Good-bye and Hello Again!

4.5 hours out of 8 used so far 5-6 projects analyzed. Updated Anti-Trust policy. Projects are the focus. IBM still discussing internally Peter's status at IBM. No resolution likely in the 4th quarter. Show of support from the OpenNTF Board via email to appropriate IBM staff.

4. GBS College for 2012 - Nathan Freeman

GBS college program with help from IBM. 1000 students to attend LotusSphere this year. About 300 students registered. Development contest last year. Helped to get students engaged. Winner now working for GBS. New contest this year announce to students at LotusSphere. Student will work on IDE plugins for Designer that incorporate social features. Integration with Stack Overflow, Milan etc.

GBS would like students to tackle integration with XSnippets. Would like OpenNTF involvement in process. Student Finalists have their projects on OpenNTF and use rating system on OpenNTF to judge winner. Need help from the IP ownership pieces from OpenNTF.

Nathan will get OpenNTF Marketing material. Can worldwide participation in the contest? Nathan believes it is open.

Timeframe, eligibility,

Technical Request - Volume of students lends itself for self registration for contest. Shared directory with OpenNTF possible? GBS will work with the Technical Committee will give an update at the next meeting.

5. Update to the Antitrust Policy (Peter) This needs approval please read.

Removed product specific references. Removed John and added Bruce to IP infringement complaint process doc. Vote at next

6. Finance - Budget 2012

Corey - New bank account opened with $1,200.00.  There are 4 outstanding invoices in the amount of $5,850.00. Invoices for establishing non-profit will be distributed to the board. Receipts for shipping of Ipads to the winners of the development contest.

Ideas for Balanced budget going forward give to Budget Team.

7. Policies for how to use the blog and OpenNTF twitter?
(e.g. Lotus education courses, Lotusphere or w3c jam announcement, ...)

If related to OpenNTF ok to blog and tweet about the request. John H - Blog should be specific to OpenNTF related posts, Twitter can be more open. Bruce, Niklas for blog posts. Twitter - Bruce, John or Niklas.

8. Nonprofit status - Moving forward with Form 1024.

IRS form to verify company is a non-profit. Within 15 months of incorporation form needs submitted. Will require IP and Legal time.

9. OpenNTF Contests

Judging criteria - Tabled for next meeting

2 more weeks left to participate 7 entries. Judging of the top ten by the Board. Volunteers for pre-judging Per Henrik, Rene.

Talked about shipping costs for contest prizes being expensed to OpenNTF  

10. NDA agreement
Agreed with not having one for OpenNTF Board members

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