John Head, Corey Davis, Peter Tanner, Per Henrik Lausten, Elijah Lapson, Sean Burgess, Julian Woodward, Pete Janzen, Justin Hill, Stuart McIntyre

1. Approval of meeting minutes from 10/20/2011
Minutes Approved.

2. Publication of meeting minutes (how these are pushed/made accessible)
Result of discussion minutes shall be posted on the website. Peter mentioned posting minutes sooner than later adds to the transparency of the organization. Questioned should we post minutes right away. Decision made to post (online) minutes after approval at the following Board meeting.

3. IP Policy - History and current status (see attached presentation).

Peter gave a presentation on the history of the IP policy. Implementation of the policy is a work in progress. After much discussion went from no IP rules to a new set of rules. New rules are flexible and pragmatic. Allowed proprietary licences with no restrictions on the code. Separated code that has been cleared by the new rules and code not yet cleared.

Two Main areas
A. Repository - Work in Progress. Catalog tool used to find reused code used in projects. GPL and Apache licensing streams.
B. Catalog - code has passed licensing requirements.

Encryption code US rules have been simplified. Code is scanned by scanning tool.

250 - IBM submission
100 - GBS submissions
100 from other organizations

Working on the Catalog status being more visible.
Corey is working on getting closer to having the new interface for the two main areas.
Summer contest resulted in 50 entries - Peter now has tools to speed up vetting process. Open House Tools used in process.  The site is compatible with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requirements.

IP policy is finished whole the implementation of the policy is unfinished. Working on getting implementation (infrastructure) to match minimal policy requirements.

4. Finance - Budget 2012

Corey - Sub committee will work on a budget which is required for moving forward with the Form 1024. Team will get expected expenditures approved for the board. This will result in the building of the budget.

Working on transfer of funds from the previous OpenNTF Entity (Agenda item on next meeting).

Waiting for first advertising check which will initiate the opening of the a new bank account.

5. Nonprofit status - Moving forward with Form 1024.


6. Governance Documents

Julian Woodward responded to the last meeting with some insightful questions They are as follows with responses during the meeting:

[1] The anti-trust policy, section IIID, says "The minutes of the preceding meetings shall be read and approved at each meeting. After minutes have been approved, they shall be distributed to all attendees within a short period following the meeting."
I think, therefore, that the first agenda item at each meeting should be the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting.

Resolved see Item 1 and 2

[2] There was some discussion in the Skype chat about how and when the minutes of board meetings should be published.
So "Publication of board meeting minutes" should be an agenda item, to agreed how and when they should be published (although [1] above seems to make it abundantly clear to me that it cannot be until the following meeting has approved them).

Resolved see Item 1 and 2

[3] Byelaws Article IX "Disbursements" says "A process for approving expenditures (including documenting payments received and expenditures allocated, preventing commingling of funds, disposition of the funds upon bankruptcy etc.) will be developed by the Board."
So "Disbursements policy" should be an agenda item for either this next meeting or a future one.

Julian suggested bookkeeping needs to be transparent to Board. Peter mentioned running the books by the accountant on a quarterly basis.

[4] The Antitrust Compliance Policy, Section 1A, says "Members should keep in mind at all times that the mission of OpenNTF is to promote the design and development of applications and templates for IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino."
Again, not massively urgent, but that does need re-wording to reflect the newer less IBM-centric mission of OpenNTF.

Peter will rework the policy wording to match the modified mission statement of the organization.

[5] Confidentiality
This is another driven by some discussion in Skype, where there was a suggestion that the board members should sign some sort of NDA.
If this comes up for discussion we should be aware that Section 7 of the Membership Agreement says "All information exchanged by Members during the operation of OpenNTF is non-confidential." and "All information submitted to OpenNTF will be public and non-confidential."

Tabled for a separate discussion

[6] The Copyright Infringement Notification Procedure makes reference to John Head's name and address specifically as a point of contact. Just want to make sure that this is still valid.

Governance Documents approved by Board.

7. IP Manager Status

Peter Announced that he has been "laid off" as a contractor at IBM effective immediately. OpenNTF Group scrambling to find funding for Peter Tanner's invaluable work for the OpenNTF Entity. Looking for options for hiring Peter as a consultant. We have a quorum. Peter Tanner excused himself from the conversation. Outstanding $4,250.00 in accounts receivable. Discussion of a contingency plan to get Peter back. Working on approving 30 hours for Peter.

8. LotusSphere Booth

Tabled for a separate discussion

9. NDA agreement

Tabled for a separate discussion

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