The big intention of IBM's Social Business Tookit was to make the IBM Connections API easy to consume from any Web / Java platform. And it still is! But how to proceed with the Social SDK in the time of Connections Pink?
It seems to be the right moment,  for IBM and the OpenNTF community to join forces and bring the Social SDK to the next stage. The community has already moved on with the SocialSDK for bugfixes and also enhancements. But now it's time to make the SocialSDK ready for the future. Please join the discussion about the direction of the Social SDK under

Why? Because you as a possible consumer of the SocialSDK are the right audience to bring your needs, wishes and dreams to the planning board. Help us to understand what Framework, Server and Tools you use. Give us feedback, how you have used the SocialSDK, what worked well for you and where you struggled.

Let us also know, if you want to help building the next version of the Social SDK

Have fun

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