Dear friends,

In only 2 weeks, we will do something that I was afraid to even dream of. After holding the ICS Developer Competition in 2016, we will hold the IBM and OpenNTF Hackathon @ IBM Connect 2017. Two weeks before the Hackathon, we have already achieved all of our targets: the type audience that we are and also the target numbers - 50 attendees two weeks before was our vision. We have nine really attractive projects with great project leaders (yes, they are really great!). We have a never before seen mix of customers, partner, students, IBM Champions, and IBMers like this.
Registration Status.PNG

If you are not registered but are going to IBM Connect 2017, this is your last call! Register and join the party.

This will be a huge amount of fun. I'm looking forward to Monday, February 20 to kick this off!

All the best,

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