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This year was in the sign and mood of building the infrastructure for OpenNTF V 2.0. We have integrated the Atlassian Tools in our infrastructure to support our new process. As one of the final steps, we are now activating a dedicated SonarQube for OpenNTF Projects. But more on this on a later blog post.

As we started the year with infrastructure, we will also end the year. One of my wishes for OpenNTF was to have all our site protected with SSL and this wish will now come true for OpenNTF.org. But the down side is that this will lead to some interruptions during the next 72 hours. Sorry for this!

Have fun!

PS: I think that the stuff that we are doing with NGINX, Domino and the Atlassian stuff is interessting for the community... if so let me know on openntf.slack.com or via Twitter.

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