Having a Birds of Feather Session at 07:00 AM is hard. Even with coffee and Swiss chocolate. But I'm very proud of the large crowd we had and the vibrant discussion.

Our main topic was the planning of the new app dev contest. We will outline the ideas in detail later, but here some ideas and visions:
1. Virtual Conference with top speakers from the community and some home work
2. The Sprint Contest. You got 2 weeks to fulfill a specific task, you can do it as team or as individual
3. We vote for a Community Champion, based on open source contributions, blog entries, answered questions on StackOverflow and some other benchmarks

All these points where discussed and we received good feedback! We will outline the plan for each of the topics later.

Thanks for contributing! And we will see us in the next Session:

BP207 - Don't reinvent the wheel - (re) use Open Source Software from OpenNTF
OpenNTF is THE open source community for IBM Collaboration Solutions with a focus on IBM XWork Server and IBM Connections. In this session, you'll learn about the latest and greatest open source apps, gadgets, controls and other assets developed by community developers, business partners and IBM that are available on OpenNTF.org. We'll also introduce additional community services OpenNTF provides like the news site for IBM Collaboration Solutions CollaborationToday.info, technical webinars and much more.

Wed, 29/Jan 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM / Dolphin S. Hem IV-V


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