We have made a lot of noise about OpenNTF Essentials. Thanks to all that joined our webinar. It's really a good sign of our community. Technically OpenNTF Essentials combines a set of projects into a single updatesite and delivers this with all the example databases for each individual project. But the technical aspect was not the challenge. It was hard to define our starting point. Will we displease people because we have chosen the wrong projects? But it's a bit like doing a sightseeing with friends. Yes, I know all the attractions they have to see, but I will also show them the things I love most. So welcome to our sightseeing of the OpenNTF Library. We have a lot of stories to tell about this project.

Releasing OpenNTF Essential today is the start of a new journey. I dream that OpenNTF can have the same relevance and impact for IBM Collaboration Solutions as Eclipse has achieved for the developer community. The feedback from the community, developers and customers will show us if we are on the right path.

For all who missed the webinar, here is the replay:

Finally, here is the OpenNTF Essentials Runtime and the OpenNTF Essentials Toolbox.

And join Paul Withers, Mark Leusink and me at the TLCC Webinar on December 12. for a Deep Dive in to OpenNTF Essentials

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