The nomination period for the OpenNTF Director elections is over – and we have eight nominees for the eight positions. This means that all the nominees are elected by acclamation.

The newly elected or re-elected Directors are:

Member (corporate) Directors, elected for two years:

       Corey Davis (re-elected)
       Nathan Freeman (had served as Director in the past)
       John Head (re-elected)
       Mikael Orn (had served out Brent Peter's term, and elected in own right)
       Paul Withers (new to Board)

Contributor Directors, elected for one year:

       Christian Gudemann (re-elected)
       Niklas Heidloff (re-elected)
       Mark Leusink (new to Board)

These Directors will serve alongside four current Member Directors whose terms have one more year to go:

       Serdar Basegmez
       Frank van der Linden
       Per Henrik Lausten
       Justin Hill

Many thanks for the contributions from those who are leaving the Board when the newly elected Directors take office in October are:

       Bruce Elgort
       Ulrich Kraus
       Julian Woodward

Peter Tanner

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