The nomination period is now over – and next week we will have two elections. We have a total of ten excellent candidates who would like to become members of the OpenNTF Board.

1. Contributor Directors – who represent OpenNTF software Contributors. We have four candidates vying for the three positions on the Board. They are:

- Christian Guedemann
- Niklas Heidloff
- Ulrich Krause
- Elijah Lapson

2. Member Directors – who represent OpenNTF corporate members. We have six candidates for the four positions:

- Serdar Basegmez - Developi Information Systems
- Justin Hill – Prominic
- Per Henrik Lausten - PHL Consult
- Stuart McIntyre - Collaboration Matters Limited
- Henning Schmidt - hedersoft GmbH
- Frank van der Linden – e-office

Later this week I will be sending emails to all Contributors with instructions on how to vote in the Contributor Director Election. I will also be sending out emails to each corporate Member's representative with instructions on how to vote in the Member Director Election.

Here are the candidates statements.

Contributor Director Nominees

Christian Guedemann

Christian Guedemann is working in the Lotus Development since 1995. Working for Allianz Insurance Switzerland, getmoreX Switzerland and since 2003 for WebGate Consulting AG. His very valued skills include Java, JavaScript (various Frameworks like JSON, JQuery and many more), XPages, LotusScript and Formula Language. He is our chief solution architect. And the master brain behind some of our most successful products and achievements. He was the main responsible person to bring WebGate Consulting onto the IBM (Lotus) Connections Platform in 2008. We are using this solution now since 2008 and I believe this is one of the main reasons why WebGate Consulting AG is capable to have the innovative power we currently are able to use. His latest certification includes: IBM Certified Integration Developer - WebSphere Process Server V7.0Christian is an incredible talented Programmer and Solution Architect. He is an avid reader of books covering this area. He is very fast to apprehend new technologies. He started with IBM (Lotus) Connections in the very first version and in very short time WebGate Consulting was using this platform and bringing this solution to our customers. Christian leads our development team and has archived, that our developers are all very well educated not just in the most modern programming languages but also in the programming methods. This has enabled us to become a Beacon Award Finalist in 2012

This solution helps rural farmers in Tanzania to get involved with the ultimate buyer like the mill needing the produced corn to get better prices and provide better quality to the end user He and his team also where the winners of the OpenNTF XPages Applications Development Contest 2012. A solution we bring successfully to the market, bundling the solution with the new IBM XWork Server and the IBM Smart Cloud Offering. Examples can be found here:

Christian lives and breaths IBM Collaborative Solutions and writes about his life and experiences in these blogs:

Niklas Heidloff

I'd like to continue being a director of OpenNTF's board of directors to help define strategy and direction. As the technical committee chair I've worked recently on XSnippets and Collaboration Today.

As contributor I've participated in the project mobile controls, social enabler and XPages for Connections. Moving forward I'd like to extend OpenNTF to be an open source site for various IBM Collaboration Solutions extensions.

Ulrich Krause

Being a Lotus Notes Developer and Administrator for almost 20 years, having posted numerous blog articles, helped others on forums and contributed to OpenNTF all over the years, I think that I know, what is going on in the world of the yellow bleeding people on planet Earth.

I would love to represent all OpenNTF Contributors in the Board of ONTF Directors.

Elijah Lapson

As a Director of IT for a Global non-profit organization I am constantly balancing requests for all type of technology support. When I attempt to prioritize these requests for the organization I look to see which technologies are most appropriate for the job and which solutions will have the largest possible positive impact on our staff. I would love to bring these skills which I have been developing over the past 15 years to OpenNTF. All of those involved with using/developing/administrating a Lotus Notes Domino infrastructure know that the key component of the tools is the ability to get groups of people collaborating effectively in a short period of time. I would like OpenNTF to become the go to place for Developers and Administrators to get information and tools to help their clients collaborate more effectively. I would like OpenNTF to be the go to place to donate a piece of code, an administration tip, or a full blown application to the community. I want OpenNTF with the backing of IBM to be the place where non-Xpage/Domino developers can come and easily get up and running the current Lotus/IBM platforms without a significant time investment in proprietary technologies. Please consider me for a Contributor Director position.Thanks for your consideration.

Member Director Nominees

Serdar Basegmez - Developi Information Systems

I have been working with Lotus software since 1999. Although my primary expertise is on Lotus Notes and Domino, I have also worked extensively with Lotus Quickr, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and IBM Mobile Connect. I am run my own company, 'Developi Information Systems' and actively provide a number of professional services for the SMB segment in the Turkish market. As an IBM Business Partner, Developi have accomplished large-scale deployments and upgrade projects for important clients. Developi is also an IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Design Partner and an active member to OpenNTF. As an IBM Champion, I am the founder and co-leader of the Turkish Lotus User Group since 2008. My bilingual blog is the first and unique blog in Turkish. I am also writing technical articles for The View magazine, giving speeches and technical sessions about XPages and have and continue to contribute and work on projects including XSnippets and I have nominated myself for the OpenNTF board because I believe I have the energy, motivation and passion for this duty. I am also sure that I can bring an alternative view on the table from a different geography. OpenNTF is not only a resource pool that provides lots of free code and tools, but also is a place that has great potential to be the central point for the Domino-based developer community. Regarding the extension of application development capabilities of Domino Server to a wider community, the role of OpenNTF will become even more important.

Justin Hill – Prominic

I have a strong interest in helping the OpenNTF organization grow. As the user base grows, OpenNTF's IT infrastructure needs will mature as well. My background on server and site scalability stems from 13 years of experience at Prominic.NET , and I will use this experience to help OpenNTF any way I can. Of course, my support will continue even if I am not re-elected to the SC, but I'd like to continue to help steer the direction if I could.

Per Henrik Lausten - PHL Consult

I am an independent consultant from Denmark with my own company called PHL Consult. I primarily develop and maintain Notes/Domino and XPages solutions.

I blog about Notes/Domino and XPages at

I am a member of the board at the Danish Lotus user group and among other things help organize the bi-annual Lotus user group/conference.

I am chairman of the board at the Danish group of independent consultants My company is a member of OpenNTF in order to support OpenNTF and open source, and I have been member of the OpenNTF board since October 2011.

I have a passion for the Lotus Domino platform, for XPages, and for the community and would like to use my passion to continue to add value to OpenNTF.

Stuart McIntyre - Collaboration Matters Limited

As an active OpenNTF board member for the past 12 months, I have been proud to assist OpenNTF with its continued mission to be the best open source platform for the community built around Lotus Notes and Domino solutions. However, my goal for taking on this role was to help OpenNTF grow to also be the go-to place for customisations and extensions to other IBM Collaboration Solutions tools, notably IBM Connections. I feel that this has only partially been achieved and therefore I would like to stand to be re-elected to continue with this work through 2013. As the founder and lead evangelist at Collaboration Matters, I believe I am well positioned to spread the word about at IBM Connections prospects and customers, at user groups and through podcasts and blog posts. If selected, I look forward to serving the community going forward.

Henning Schmidt - hedersoft GmbH

I strongly believe in the Open Source paradigm. Since I co-founded my company hedersoft last year we became an OpenNTF member, commited a couple of projects, did our shifts at the OpenNTF booth at Lotusphere and are now sponsoring the 4th OpenNTF contest. I would like to further intensify my involvement by joining the board of Member Directors.

Frank van der Linden - e-office

As a OpenNTF contributer I have noticed the growing role of OpenNTF in the IBM/Lotus community over last year.
I strongly belief in the power of OpenNTF as the main resource in the IBM/Lotus community, As a director of OpenNTF I will help guiding OpenNTF in the right direction.

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