In April OpenNTF announced the launch of a new series of contests centered on community code contributions made to the XSnippets site. Today we are happy to announce the first four winners of the contest who will each receive $100 (US).

The two contributors who were randomly selected from a pool of contributors who submitted four or more snippets during the contest are:

- Koll S Cherizard
- Sven Hasselbach

Congratulations Koll and Sven!

The two contributors who were selected by the judging panel of Mark Leusink, Per Henrik Lausten and Niklas Heidloff based on technical value and wow factor for single xnippet submission are:

- Ulrich Krause for his "Use @Transform to build JSON and consume the output in an XAgent" snippet
- Serdar Basegmez for his "LtpaToken Generator for Multi-server SSO Configurations" snippet

Congratulations Ulrich and Serdar!

OpenNTF Treasurer Corey Davis will be contacting the winners.

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