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Please join OpenNTF in welcoming Ukuvuma as an OpenNTF Member Company.

John Jardin, Ukuvuma's Chief Technology Officer said:

"While it's very rewarding to provide video tutorials and help wherever possible for all things Lotus, XPages and Web Development......my Team and I can offer much more to the OpenNTF community. We plan on providing Custom Controls for XPages that focus mainly on HTML5, JQuery, and CSS3." 

Some more information about Ukuvuma:

Ukuvuma's web site.


Ukuvuma - A Xhosa word meaning, 'to be willing' or 'to agree' 'Ukuvuma' forms the solid base from which all our methodologies are built, ensuring long-term partnerships with our clients. 

Mission Statement:

To build long term trust relationships with our customers and partners by continuously delivering the best business focused Information and Communication Technology:
  • Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Products
  • Management Services

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