Generation Word and Excel Files out of XPages was never easier

POI 4 XPages brings the Apache POI Project to the XPages developer community.

Version 5.x

Starting with version 5, the numbering scheme of POI 4 XPages releases changed to match the major and minor versions of the included POI release (patch versions differ). To date, these versions focus entirely on upgrading the underlying components, and all extended features and components of POI 4 XPages are functionally unchanged.

Version 1.3.1

  • Support for FeaturePack 8
  • POI Version 3.14 included
  • Enhanced poiBean Backend With Release 1.2.1 we ensured that POI 4 XPages can also be used under Domino 9.
  • A new feature is the styling and formatting of cells in Excel and the ability to use formulas.
  • It is possible to insert the value as a formula, which means you can benefit from the full range of excel formulas now.
  • Additional you can configure the style of cells within the poi properties and change the border, font, background and format as needed.
  • We have also fixed an issue introduced with version 1.2.0 where we started to use the POI Workbook Streamingmodell. Because of some disadvantages, you can now choose the streamingmodell as an option.

POI 4 XPages is a Extension like the ExtensionLibrary and need to be installed to the server and the client in the same way. Follow this instructions (after downloading POI4Xpages) and activate in the same way the biz.webgate.dominoext.poi.updatesite on your server and in your designer client. See our installation guide:

See the full documentation:

And additional info from HCL:

The example database needs the ExtensionLibrary to run. See in the example database how you can use POI 4 XPages

Please report any issue to our github project:

See any progress on this project directy on the github ->