e-office is the first Lotus Business Partner in the Netherlands and offers solutions for digital working environments which enables employees to work independent of time and place. For our solutions, we use the latest IBM technology.

Since 1998 Conxsys has been providing Notes/Domino consulting and custom application development. Conxsys is also the creator of nsfRewind, Logistic, and the OpenNTF project Flow.

Ukuvuma builds long term trusted relationships with their customers and partners by continuously delivering the best business focused Information and Communication Technology.

TLCC is the leader in XPages, Notes, and Domino training courses for developers, administrators and users. TLCC has a complete line of XPages and Java courses that students take right in Domino Designer. An expert instructor is a click away. They also offer consulting and mentoring services.

hedersoft GmbH, located in Salzkotten, Germany, provide services and products based on IBM Lotus Notes / Domino. We focus on XPages and believe in the spirit of Open Source. We've been comitted to the yellowverse for more than 15 years.

Faster development, better administration: Ytria is an IBM Business Partner based in Montreal, Canada. We make software that helps you speed up Lotus Notes development and improve Domino security.

The designers at ASND Designs are committed to giving SMB clients the same custom tools that Fortune 500 companies use to run their businesses. Specializing in implementing and supporting the Lotus Family of products from IBM, ASND Designs is experienced in delivering solutions that give our customers the most bang for their buck.

YouAtNotes delivers premier software for Lotus Notes and Domino made in Germany since the year 2000 and provides international versions of its software with full international support. YouAtNotes is also a specialist for application development on Domino and IBMs new XPages technology.

Emcon provides consulting services with main focus on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. Delivering top class development and administration services in the southern parts of Sweden. Our knowledge and creativity makes a difference.

Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS) is a consulting firm focused on social business and collaboration. Based out of Atlanta, GA, Simplified Technology Solutions is a forward-thinking information technology consulting practice. The philosophy at Simplified Technology Solutions is one of customer satisfaction and integrity. We strive to create long-term relationships with satisfied clients.