Intec was established as an independent Software Solution Consultancy in 1987. Our unrivalled skills in Web Development, Enterprise Application Integration and Software Support give you confidence that your applications can be brought to the Web with minimal disruption to your business, with the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Faster development, better administration: Ytria is an IBM Business Partner based in Montreal, Canada. We make software that helps you speed up Lotus Notes development and improve Domino security.

YouAtNotes delivers premier software for Lotus Notes and Domino made in Germany since the year 2000 and provides international versions of its software with full international support. YouAtNotes is also a specialist for application development on Domino and IBMs new XPages technology.

Ukuvuma builds long term trusted relationships with their customers and partners by continuously delivering the best business focused Information and Communication Technology.

Developi Information Systems, located in Istanbul, is an IBM Business Partner dedicated on Lotus Software technologies and have been offering a number of professional services, from system administration outsourcing to XPages application development since 2003.

I Know Some Guys provides programming, consulting, and training services for corporate clients in a broad range of industries. Experienced in large-scale line-of-business application integration, we work hand-in-hand with clients’ administrators, developers, and managers to ensure the satisfaction that comes only from project success and knowledge transfer.