OpenNTF hosted a survey and asked for feedback in March 2013. Read the summary of the survey responses on SlideShare.

As part of this survey people also provided free feedback. See below for some samples:
  • Amazing Site / Community. It was lucky that you grew in the right ways over the years. You have facilitated a real community, which I think is unique. Thanks for all the work.
  • Great Site! Thanks for the ideas, code fragments and of course projects! It saves the day again and again.
  • is a golden place, and its value is priceless.
  • We mainly concentrate on using XPages to develop Intranet applications and is one of the best place to provide quality open source projects
  • Love the community, Love all that people give to the community. THANK YOU
  • The projects on have allowed me to show that Notes/Domino is alive and well and continues to provide value to the company.
  • Really useful for out-of-box applications & to improve personal skills.
  • OpenNTF is great and belongs to the community. What would we do without OpenNTF?
  • As training is limited everything has to be self-taught and OpenNTF is usually the first port of call for something new.
  • You are all great, keep up the fantastic work!
  • Thanks for the excellent OpenNTF site who gives true value to the IBM Notes software.
  • Like the many new projects and the way twitter is used to promote them. I like the content - hope to submit something in the future.
  • Wish to thanks all community for great stuff that help me for years now! Hope this will continue especially while my XPages experience grow.
  • Tremendous value. I appreciate the support by IBM and especially the product developers, I like the marketing efforts (thanks, Niklas, but you others as well), and I'm impressed by the quality of snippets and projects done by the community. I think that OpenNTF is a crucial element for the success of Domino as a development platform and for XPages in particular. In short: THANK YOU!
  • Awesome community. Great, very useful projects. Especially DOTS Project is awesome.
  • Great place to find some excellent Lotus Notes / Domino code.
  • Whenever I get a request for something new I check OpenNTF before starting to reinvent the wheel. OpenNTF and its community really helps you a lot to do your work thanks to its snippets area and projects. Thank you!

Various feedback from January 2014 survey on Collaboration Today:
  • Please don't turn off this wonderful site. Sad to see this survey.
  • I think this service is one of the best thank you for all the hard work.
  • Great Quality service - extremely helpful when trying to keep up with what's going on.
  • It's one place where to find technical background information from many experts around the world.