XPages Extension Library Update for August 2015

Martin Donnelly | 17 hours ago | Comments
In July, the XPages team delivered an XPages runtime for IBM Bluemix along with an associated XPages NoSQL playground service that enabled you to experiment with building modern Domino applications in the cloud. That was swiftly followed with a webcast that highlighted the features and functions of both the runtime and the service, as well as a general tour of Bluemix itself.

That webcast also spoke of things to come… namely an enhanced security model that would allow you to exercise fine-grained control over any Java code contained in your application (see webcast slide below).  So today that feature has arrived – an updated runtime is already live on Bluemix and the design-time part of the app dev equation is available here in the latest XPages Extension Library release for Notes/Domino 9.0.1. The readme document contained in this release gives full details of the updated security options and how to configure them using Domino Designer.

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In fact Domino Designer has a whole new section in the Bluemix Manifest Editor for working with all the XPages environment variables associated with Bluemix - check it out.

This release is also notable for its community contributions (kudos to Jesse Gallagher, Serdar Basegmez and Paul Withers), which means you will find some improvements with the XPages picker controls and with general utility APIs. As usual there are fixes for defects in both the XPages runtime and in Domino REST services (DAS).  Please download and install this release and as always your feedback is greatly appreciated to help us continuously improve the product.

OpenNTF Elections

Paul Withers | 3 weeks ago | Comments
It is that time of year again when we elect new Board members to OpenNTF.

If you are interested in running as an OpenNTF Board member, please send me an email (ipmanager@openntf.org) along with a "Candidate Statement" which will be sent to the voters.

There are four Member Director positions open, as well as three Contributor Director positions.  

The Directors representing OpenNTF Members (i.e. companies) are elected for two years. The terms of four of these directors expire this October, and the terms of the other five expire in 2016.  Members whose terms expire this year may, of course, run again for another two year term.

Member Directors whose terms expire Oct 13, 2015:
Corey Davis
Nathan Freeman
Mikael Orn
Paul WIthers

Member Directors whose terms expire Oct 13, 2016
Serdar Basegmez
Jesse Gallagher

Christian Guedemann
Martin Rolph

Justin Hill

Contributor Directors' terms are for one year only. There are three Contributor Directors, whose terms expire Oct 13, 2015:
Oliver Busse

Martin Donnelly

Fredrick Norling

Nominations close September 18th
Circulation of Candidate Statements from September 18-25
Voting from September 28 to Oct 2

Winners take office on October 13.

Posted on behalf of Peter Tanner

XPages Extension Library ... now with Bluemix

Martin Donnelly | 2 months ago | Comments
Although this is the thirteenth release of the XPages Extension Library release for Notes/Domino 9.0.1, and I am composing this release blog entry on the July 13th, the superstitious amongst you would do well to set aside any nagging anxieties and install this latest version right away. Why? Because it's got exciting new content that will enable you to develop Domino applications in the cloud! This Extension Library release goes out in parallel with the public unveiling of the XPages runtime and IBM XPages NoSQL Database service on Bluemix - see https://console.ng.bluemix.net/catalog/labs - so now you not only have a premier cloud platform to develop on, but all the tools with which to do it ... what's not to like ?

Once you have installed the Extension Library into Domino Designer you will notice a new Bluemix entry under the Domino Designer preference page. This will enable you to connect to Bluemix and integrate applications with your cloud development space. Exploring further, you will find new wizards under the Tools menu to help you pull and push your apps over and back to Bluemix, and there is also a new editor that will enable you to optimally configure your Domino Bluemix development environment. And that's just the tooling! In the XPages runtime you will find a new bluemixContext class amongst the set of standard global objects. This class is your new best friend as it gives you granular control over your application behaviour at runtime, helps you manage your bound services, enables you to build a single app that will run both on-cloud and on-premises, and so forth. So... lots to see and do here, and more detail is available in the readme file included in this release.

Outside of Bluemix you have enhancements to our Bootstrap-based responsive design offering, which continues to steadily evolve after its initial release last November (901v00_10.20141105-0922). Fixes are also included for issues reported with respect to DAS (REST services) and the XPages iNotes calendar control.

Your feedback on all the content included in this release is, as always, very important. Be aware that the XPages runtime, service and boilerplate on Bluemix are all experimental at this stage. Among other things an experimental offering means it is intended for prototyping and testing only, and not for production applications. Questions and answers can be posed and fielded here on OpenNTF, or on StackOverflow and IBM developerWorks... and we look forward to working with you to improve this offering as the year progresses.

Yours Bluely,
Martin Donnelly

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