Register Now for the OpenNTF Annual General Meeting

Christian Guedemann | 1 week ago | Comments
On Thursday, April 17, 2013 from 11am-12pm EDT, OpenNTF will host its Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the activities and direction of OpenNTF to participate in discussions on the future of OpenNTF.

Use the following link to register for the AGM and join us on April 17.

We have a lot of interesting topics to share and discus with you!

I'm looking forward to see you

On OpenNTF: Script Portlet Samples for IBM WebSphere Portal

Niklas Heidloff | 2 weeks ago | Comments
Jonathan Booth has contributed a new project, called Script Portlet Samples for IBM WebSphere Portal. See below for his description. Attend the webinar on April 30th to learn more about script portlets. You can find details about the project in the documentation.

"With the recently-released IBM Script Portlet for WebSphere Portal, you can use JavaScript/HTML/CSS to create new portlets without deploying code on the server. You can take an existing script application, copy/paste into the Script Portlet Editor, and have a fully-functional portlet in minutes. Applications are stored as WCM content, so you have the features of WCM project management available such as projects, workflow approval, and versioning.

This package of samples illustrates some of the techniques that are available when building these Script Portlets, including:

- Using popular JS libraries such as jQuery, jQuery Datatables, and jQPlot
- Inter-portlet communication using jQuery eventing
- Setting and retrieving Public Render Parameters
- Accessing WCM content libraries from JS code
- Launching a Script Portlet in a popup window from JS code"


On OpenNTF: Agendas for Meeting Rooms displayed in front of the Rooms

Niklas Heidloff | 2 weeks ago | Comments
Itay Cohen, Boaz Mizrachi, Yaniv Agam and Asher Chen have contributed a new project, called Resource Agenda Presenter. Here is their description:

"The RAP application is a system which works in collaboration with the Rooms & Resources application and supplies an on-line rooms/resource agenda on displays located next to the room/resource and includes the time of event, event owner and event subject (can be disabled). The system is an HTML based and therefore supports any OS using any internet browser. In addition, the RAP system includes the following features:

- Sending instant messages to each resource display individually
- Dynamically create multi resources view on a single display (1,2,3 or 4)
- Sending an agenda for a specific event to each resource display individually"

Read the documentation for details. The screenshots below show a sample display showing the agenda for two rooms.