OpenNTF provides various types of projects - tools for end users, reusable controls for developers, full applications, etc. This page provides an overview of some of the entries that have passed the OpenNTF clearance process and placed into the OpenNTF catalogs.

There are several videos demonstrating some of the OpenNTF projects. Here are some overview videos. You can find more on YouTube.

1. Projects February 2011
2. Projects May 2010
3. Apps and end user functionality February 2010
4. Tools and controls for developers February 2010
5. Extension Library Overview

For developers:

Tools and Controls for XPages Developers
Tools and Controls for Eclipse XPages Developers
Tools and Controls for Eclipse Rich Client Developers
Extensions to Domino Designer
Tools and Controls for classic Notes and Domino Developers

For end users:

End User Tools for Lotus Notes
Full Applications for Lotus Notes and Domino
End User Tools for Lotus Sametime

For administrators:

Tools for Domino Administrators


Quickr, iNotes and Alloy Projects