There are several ways that you can participate in the OpenNTF open source community as a developer or as an end-user of IBM Collaboration Solutions software. They include:
  • Download and use projects and snippets that have been developed by other community members.
  • Assist other developers with their projects.
  • Create your own project that others can download and use.
  • Share your experiences using a project by posting feature requests and defects.

You will first need to create an OpenNTF user account which is free and easy. Create your OpenNTF user account here.

Share Your Source Code with Others on OpenNTF

Sharing a project or snippet that you have developed as an open source project is a great way for you to shine a spotlight on your skills and abilities. Developers contributing code to OpenNTF can determine how the application code should be made available to other OpenNTF users.

All Releases that pass an intellectual property review for compliance with one of two open source license types supported by OpenNTF, and which are checked out by an OpenNTF Committer, are flagged as "Cleared".

With a few exceptions, all OpenNTF Releases are under the Apache 2.0 License, GPL 3.0, AGPL 3.0 or LGPL 3.0.

Project Release

A Project Release can be submitted by any registered OpenNTF user. To contribute a project to OpenNTF you will need to:

Cleared Release

A Release of a Project that is production ready and end-user "install friendly", and that passes the OpenNTF IP scan, may be Cleared. If you already have an existing Project and feel that it is ready to be Cleared you will need to:
  • Select which Project Release you would like to have Cleared.
  • Send an email to IP-Manager at OpenNTF dot org asking to clear the Project. The IP Manager will then scan your code for IP issues, and once any issues have been resolved, an OpenNTF "Committer" will then be assigned to check that the project is documented and loads properly.
  • Once your project has been approved, the Release will be flagged as Cleared.

If You Have Questions

Please read the detailed description of the Contribution Process.

More information about can be found on our About page. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page where you will find more information about OpenNTF.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for please contact us and somebody from OpenNTF will get back to you.